Playing WOW (World Of Warcraft) in Ubuntu 9.04

Have you ever play WOW (World Of Warcraft)? Hmmm, I think all of you ever play that game, because WOW is very familiar in game online or offline. The game is very interesting, because everything must be used strategy and carefully. If you don’t patience and careless, you will be losted.

Now, I want introduce that game (WOW) in ubuntu 9.04 (jaunty).

First: you must put your wow’s folder in linux or your w*****s . Than open the folder and find the folder which name is Movie. You must rename it to another name.

Second: finish about rename of the wow’s folder. You must check wine installation in your linux. If you don’t have wine package, you must install it.

f4lcon@ubuntu:~$ sudo dpkg -l | grep wine

Third: finish that, back to your console and now you configure your wine to use in your wow. You can see like this picture in the below.

f4lcon@ubuntu:$ sudo su

root@ubuntu:/home/f4lcon# winecfg

  • Click add application and it will be displayed a form who ask you to find a wow file executable (like picture in above). Here I don’t install wow’s game, but just find a file who can execute that game.

  • In windows version’s menu choose “windows xp” (without quote)

  • Move to another tab, in Graphic tab, you must configure your display (like the picture below).

  • Finish configure, click “Ok”.

Fourth: back to your console, insert to your wow’s folder and execute your wow game (it will be display like the picture below)

root@ubuntu:/home/f4lcon# cd /media/FalconA/Warcraft/

root@ubuntu:/media/FalconA/Warcraft# wine Frozen\ Throne.exe


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